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Artificial Intelligence Roadmap for Policing and Law Enforcement

Project description

The security Europe: An AI roadmap for law enforcement agencies

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and AI is at the forefront of this change. While providing numerous benefits, many have raised concerns over the impact AI has or will have on matters such as security. The EU-funded ALIGNER project aims to unite European actors who have concerns about AI, law enforcement and policing to jointly identify and discuss how to enhance Europe's security whereby AI strengthens law enforcement agencies while providing benefits to the public. The project's work will help pave the way for an AI research roadmap.


ALIGNER aims to bring together European actors concerned with Artificial Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Policing to collectively identify and discuss needs for paving the way for a more secure Europe in which Artificial Intelligence supports LEAs while simultaneously empowering, benefit-ing, and protecting the public.
To achieve this, ALIGNER will (1) Facilitate communication and cooperation between actors from law enforcement, policing, policy-making, research, industry, and civil society about the changing dynamics of crime patterns relevant to the use of AI by establishing a workshop series; (2) Identify the capability enhancement needs of European LEAs; (3) Identify, assess, and validate AI technologies with potential for LEA capability enhancement by implementing a technology watch process that includes impact and risk assessments; (4) Identify ethical, societal, and legal implications of the use of AI in law enforcement; (5) Identify means and methods for preventing the criminal use of AI via the development of a taxonomy of AI-supported crime; (6) Identify policy and research needs related to the use of AI in law enforcement by mapping practitioner needs and emerging crime patterns with identified AI technologies; and (7) Employ the gathered insights in order to incrementally develop and maintain an AI research roadmap.
ALIGNER ensure that project results are applicable and relevant by not only including three LEA organisations as full partners of the project, but also establishing two external advisory boards, one for LEA practitioners and one for researchers, industry professionals, ethicists, and civil society. The members of these boards will build the core stakeholders participating at ALIGNER workshops.


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