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Evolution of Rose Gall Tritrophic Communities

Project description

Impact of plant traits on tritrophic communities

Tritrophic communities comprising plants, insect herbivores and associated parasitoids make up over half of all described species. The EU-funded RoseTriComm project will determine if plant traits influence the diversification and assemblage structure of natural enemies and whether natural enemies exert their own "top-down" effects on herbivore diversification and assemblage structure. Researchers will seek to answer these key questions by analysing an unparalleled data set that combines trophic interaction, trait and phylogenomic data for roses, rose gall wasps and parasitoids from North America and Europe. The innovative research conducted by RoseTriComm is the first application of the co-phylogeny framework to a large-scale tritrophic system, examining the role of traits in structuring interactions in a multicontinental context.

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