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Spermidine in hypertension: therapeutic potential and novel mechanisms

Project description

Spermidine: a new medication against hypertension?

Hypertension is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, with only one third of patients achieving efficient blood pressure control with existing medications. Accumulating evidence indicates that spermidine, an endogenous activator of autophagy and dietary supplement, correlates with lower blood pressure in humans. The EU-funded SPeR-ToNE project will capitalise on this observation to provide insight into the mechanism by which spermidine counteracts hypertension. Researchers will apply a multitude of cutting-edge techniques, animal models and human samples to study the cross-talk between blood pressure control and autophagy. Results will pave the way towards the development of novel interventions against hypertension.


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€ 196 707,84
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€ 196 707,84