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Biostimulants nanoencapsulation to increase yield under drought stress

Project description

Increasing the efficacy of biostimulants to aid crop performance

Biostimulants are known for being an environmentally friendly alternative to current fertilisers and plant protection products in the market. They can help plants grow by enhancing nutrient uptake as well as protect the health of crops by improving their tolerance to stress. The EU-funded NANOSTIMULANTS project aims to increase the effectiveness of biostimulants by developing a Nanostimulant – a nanoparticle that encloses a biostimulant. Key to achieving this will be advanced nanoencapsulation techniques.


Universidade da Madeira
Net EU contribution
€ 147 815,04
Praça Do Município
9000-081 Funchal

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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