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A Jewish Contribution to the Historiography of International Law

Project description

Anti-Jewishness in the history of international law

The 1648 Westphalian Peace Treaty – the foundation of the modern international order – is characterised by the co-existence of sovereign states. Minority groups had no voice within this political and legal framework. In this context, the EU-funded JIL project will study the Jewish conceptions of international trade and criminal law during this time. It will address the topic of anti-Jewishness in the history of international law. Specifically, JIL will focus on the international trade network of the 18th century Portuguese-Jewish community in Amsterdam to uncover its contributions to the history and development of international law. The findings will shed new light on the emancipatory space for marginalised groups that participated in the periphery.


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€ 178 320,00
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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