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Development of functional, chemically defined coatings for 2D and 3D cell culture applications


Cell culture of primary and stem cells is basic for cell therapy approaches to treat degenerative, genetic, and immunological diseases. To enable mass production of cells utilized for these therapies, it is essential that the technologies used to manufacture, expand and differentiate cells are safe, robust, reliable and cost-effective. However, current stem cell culture technologies are often not sufficient for safe clinical application. This is mainly due to the quality of coatings mimicking biological conditions and surrounding of cells. Hence, motivation for this project is to produce a functional, chemically-defined coating for optimal stem cell culture. To realize this, a layer-by-layer technology for reproducible 2D biomatrix coatings will be established, accompanied by the development of a kinetic model and analytical methods for quality assessment. The achieved knowledge will be transferred to 3D cell culture and validation experiments with mesenchymal stromal cells will be conducted to confirm that the produced 2D and 3D biomatrices support cell growth. This project provides essential basic research to realize medical and regulatory needs with high exploitation potential.
denovoMATRIX will implement this highly interdisciplinary and intersectoral project in an industrial as well as an academic context covering biological, chemical and physical aspects. The fellow, being chemist with expertise in colloidal and nanoscience, will receive a unique mix of specific research and transferable skills in the field of biomaterials and their application for-stem cell culture, underlined by a training plan to address the research objectives. Realization of the two-way knowledge transfer will result in strong benefits for both: new knowledge and a basis for a new class of products for the host, and diversification of professional competences and continuation of the fellow’s career perspective as a leading multidisciplinary researcher.

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