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Non-equilibrium features of small systems within critical liquids.


NEQLIQ aims to contribute to the European Research Area (ERA) by developing new fundamental knowledge about the features of small systems. Particularly, NEQLIQ will focus on the dynamics and energetics of small systems within critical baths. Critical interactions have been proposed to play a key role in the performance of living systems, and they have great perspectives to be applied to artificial devices. NEQLIQ is based in: i) micelle-solvent mixtures to enhance the intrinsic critical features of a binary-fluid, ii) a combination of microrheology and dynamic light scattering for determining the impact of confinement or inclusion of tracers in the viscoelastic features of the fluid, and iii) the study of the statistics of the energy transfer by non-equilibrium thermodynamic protocols. The objectives of NEQLIQ have a direct impact on some of the ‘Societal Challenges’ listed in H2020 i.e. ‘Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy’ and ‘Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency, and Raw Materials’. NEQLIQ will merge the expertise of the host group in surfactants, micelles, and microfluidics, together with the background of the applicant using optical micromanipulation technique to unravel the fundamental features of the energetics of small systems, to reach the scientific objectives and technological challenges, to reach the desired deliverables and milestones. An ambitious training program including several new scientific and soft skills to be transferred to the applicant is also envisaged. Moreover, the applicant will transfer his knowledge to the host group and will be the link between them to forge future collaborations. Altogether, NEQLIQ will give the candidate a challenge to gain new expertise in different areas of research and new soft skills and leadership capacities. Hence, MSCA will position him at the forefront of the young researchers in the ERA, paving his way to reach a position as a principal investigator at a University in the European Union.

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MSCA-IF-EF-ST - Standard EF


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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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