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Non-equilibrium features of small systems within critical liquids.

Project description

Research offers new insight into fluid dynamics on the micro scale

Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the NEQLIQ project will merge expertise in surfactants, micelles and microfluidics as well as optical micromanipulation techniques to unravel the fundamental dynamics of fluids geometrically constrained to a small scale. Researchers will use micelle-solvent mixtures to enhance the intrinsic properties of binary fluids and will combine microrheology and dynamic light scattering to determine the impact of confinement or inclusion of tracers on the viscoelastic features of the fluid. Ultimately, the research will focus on energy transfer statistics by establishing non-equilibrium thermodynamic protocols.


Net EU contribution
€ 178 320,00
Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 25
9000 Gent

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Vlaams Gewest Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen Arr. Gent
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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