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PhotoChromic HYdrogen PERoxide biosensors for super-resolution imaging of hydrogen peroxide microenvironments

Project description

Advanced biosensors detect metabolically active microdomains within cells

In medicine, hydrogen peroxide is used as a disinfectant. However, at the cell level, it has a key role in cellular metabolism and tissue function. The EU-funded PCHYPERs project is interested in identifying the cellular microdomains where hydrogen peroxide is produced and initiates signalling. The current work is based on HYPER biosensors that change fluorescence when they detect oxygen peroxide and can be monitored through conventional microscopy. PCHYPERs researchers aim to advance this approach through photochromic variants and super-resolution microscopy that will help identify the locations of hydrogen peroxide signalling within cells at high resolution.


Net EU contribution
€ 178 320,00
Oude Markt 13
3000 Leuven

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Vlaams Gewest Prov. Vlaams-Brabant Arr. Leuven
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
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