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Software-Defined Number Formats: Bridging the Gap between Performance, Accuracy, and Security

Project description

Driving specialisation of computing devices with software-defined number formats

The Internet of things (IoT) presents a proliferation of computing devices with a wide variety of functionalities: data sensing, data analytics and inference of machine-learned models. These devices implement agreed-upon rules to encode numbers in hardware. However, the dramatic shift of applications fuelled by IoT poses rapidly changing requirements on number formats. The EU-funded SoftNum project will explore how to make number formats software-defined, enabling a multitude of novel applications. This will make it possible to design a data-sensing device that pre-processes data streams at the minimal precision possible to minimise energy consumption, embed a watermark to prove ownership and origin of the data, and achieve the required application-level accuracy.


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€ 224 933,76
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United Kingdom

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