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Novel architectural design strategies for enhancing societal equality in cities: an interdisciplinary case study approach to Swedish public buildings.


This interdisciplinary project, EQUBUILD, investigates architectural strategies that enhance democratic social equality in public buildings Sweden, from 1921 to the present, yet not fully understood and thus, will contribute to empower architects, urban-planners, decision-makers and citizens with new knowledge and practical recommendations to fight inequalities for a more cohesive society.

To reinforce citizens’ opportunities for equality through public buildings, promoting more balanced living standards and peaceful cities, we urgently need new architectural design knowledge and actionable design strategies. Public buildings can be a tool for the administrations and society to support citizens’ equality as a basic human right, a global concern addressed by UN SDG 10 and a core value of the EU. However, there is scarce knowledge and no thorough studies on how to promote social equality through evidence-based design strategies in public buildings.

Bridging this gap, I will innovatively conduct the 1st systematic case study analysis of public buildings in Swedish cities, unveiling what and how design strategies enhance societal equality in each case. I will leverage on feedback from international and interdisciplinary experts, a mix-methods methodology linking archival research, field work, interviews, theory and practice and my experience as researcher and practicing architect.

EQUBUILD will deliver new knowledge, presenting architecture as an active tool in implementing equality measures: a novel theory, database, relational maps, network diagrams, and an array of recommendations and design strategies to influence contemporary architectural designs, architects, urban designers, policy-makers, researchers and the rest of society. The impact of implementation of results will: open new research paths in EU, contribute to UN SDGs; consolidate a novel field in architecture; facilitate gender equality, reinforce citizens’ equality, balanced and peaceful cities.

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MSCA-IF-EF-CAR - CAR – Career Restart panel


Brinellvagen 8
100 44 Stockholm
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 191 852,16