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The effects of urbanization on INsect diverSity And humaN-nature intEractions


Urbanization, one of the most extreme human-induced landscape changes on Earth, yields an important trade-off between development and biodiversity conservation. Recent research highlights the relevance of considering urban landscape organization (land-sharing or land-sparing development) to advance in this debate. However, there are still few studies on the topic, mostly local, on low diversity areas or focused on few taxonomic groups preventing generalization of results. The lack of research on urban insect diversity is remarkable despite their high economic, social and ecological importance. Human-nature interactions also play a critical role in the debate on how to create nature-friendlier and healthier cities, particularly regarding urban landscape organization. This interdisciplinary project aims to provide novel and useful information to this debate by (1) studying the impact of urbanization on multiple components of insect diversity (taxonomic and phylogenetic) in an understudied hotspot (Mediterranean region); (2) exploring if land-sharing or sparing urban areas hold different insect diversity levels; and (3) investigating the influence of urban landscape organization on subjective wellbeing and extinction of experience, critical for human-nature interactions. A complete methodological approach including classic taxonomic procedures, modern metabarcoding tools, and a solid study design combining spatial, temporal and taxonomic replicates grant the generalization of findings. Furthermore, through the use of innovative machine learning techniques, this project will also provide a useful open-access tool for researchers, city planners and citizens that will predict insect diversity and human-nature interactions in non-sampled urban areas. To do so, I will be trained by world experts in the analytical and applied aspects of this highly integrative project (Urban Ecology, Genetics, Sociology, and Computer Sciences), helping me to become an independent researcher

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