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Global Neutron Scientists

Project description

A new generation of outstanding neutron researchers

Sometimes the only method that can provide unique insights into materials and phenomena is research with neutrons. It is not a new method; in fact, European research with neutrons has been at the forefront for decades. In this context, the EU-funded GNeuS project will ensure the effective use of neutron methods. To that end, it will train a new generation of highly skilled neutron scientists. Specifically, the project will offer a post-doctoral research programme with an intersectoral and interdisciplinary approach as well as global outreach that focuses on neutron research, with the goal to bring about many more neutron experts. The project will offer 45 fellowships, each with a duration of 24 months.


Net EU contribution
€ 3 310 200,00
Wilhelm Johnen Strasse
52428 Julich

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Nordrhein-Westfalen Köln Düren
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Research Organisations
Non-EU contribution
€ 3 310 200,00