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Photoelectrosynthetic processes in continuous-flow under concentrated sunlight: combining efficiency with selectivity

Project description

Novel technique combines half reactions to put CO2 and organic waste to good use

Technologies that turn CO2 – a greenhouse gas – and organic waste into useful products are vital for putting the chemical industry on the path to sustainability. The EU-funded SunFlower project will pair redox half equations – carbon monoxide reduction and glycerol oxidation – to produce chemicals (such as ethylene and lactic acid) and fuels. To achieve their goal, researchers will leverage novel photoelectrode assemblies and custom photoelectrochemical devices. The proposed combination will open up a whole new arena of solar energy conversion.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 999 750,00
Dugonics Ter 13
6720 Szeged

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Alföld és Észak Dél-Alföld Csongrád
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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