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Cooperation and Support for MSCA NCPs

Project description

Expanding access and services for MSCA National Contact Points

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) are the EU’s flagship funding programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training of researchers. MSCA National Contact Points (NCPs) play a key role in providing support, assistance and guidance to potential applicants and throughout the lifetime of each project. Yet, NCPs can face many challenges, making their consistent and harmonised support difficult to achieve. The MSCA-funded MSCA-NET project aims to lower the entry barriers for new NCPs and to offer particular support services for widening and third-country NCPs in view of increasing their participation in the programme. To do so, a wide array of activities and materials will be developed for the benefit of the NCP network but also of the scientific community.


The objective of MSCA-NET is to facilitate the transnational co-operation between National Contact Points (NCPs) for the MSCA in order to achieve a consistent and harmonized level of NCP support. Next to developing support for the facilitation of daily challenges for all NCPs, we put the focus on lowering the entry barriers for new NCPs and offer particular support services for Widening and Third Country NCPs. This will in turn simplify the access of potential MSCA applicants all over the world, in particular from Widening and Third Countries. We thus contribute to the decrease of the R&I gap between EU Member States/Associated Countries and Widening/Third Countries. We aim at a higher quality and quantity of applications from non EU-Member States/Associated Countries. We will achieve our goals by a wide array of measures: Career Development Support for NCPs in the form of Trainings, Twinnings and Mentoring; the development of a tool box for both NCPs and the scientific community; and strategic capacity development and the creation of synergies with and among MSCA stakeholders. This includes systematic outreach to the non-academic sector. The project is structured into 5 Work Packages and has 27 Beneficiaries and 4 Associated Partners from all levels of experience and among all Horizon Europe country groups. The baseline for our support services to NCPs is a benchmarking exercise whose results will be fed into the various relevant tasks. We ensure the expected project impact by strategical monitoring of the project actions and well planned communication, dissemination and exploitation measures such as the development of an innovative project dashboard. The project's outcomes will be fed back to policy developers and stakeholders within clearly defined processes in order to guarantee a sustainable impact on a wider level. MSCA-NET will run for 36 months and has an overall budget of 1'870'357 Euro. The action is under the coordination of Euresearch in Switzerland.

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