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e-Infrastructure Reflection Group Support Programme 7

Project description

Supporting policies for effective shared use of distributed electronic resources

Open science and the digital transition are key drivers for open and transparent scientific processes leading to innovation and a vibrant and sustainable European economy. Cost-effective sharing of resources is the basis for implementing these policies and enabling reproducible research results that increase the trust in and the adoption of scientific findings. The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) is a policy advisory body supporting integration in the area of European e-infrastructures and connected services, at the European level and globally. The EU-funded e-IRGSP7 project will support e-IRG policy-making to bolster inclusive, federated, user-driven and resilient e-infrastructures and related services. Work will include operating the e-IRG secretariat, supporting the production of policy documents with external experts, and communication activities.


e-IRGSP7 will provide the core support services to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG). The project will support e-IRG in providing advice on policy-making towards inclusive, federated, user-driven and resilient e-Infrastructures and their related services. The main activities include the operation of the e-IRG secretariat, i.e. organisation of e-IRG events and provision of secretarial support to e-IRG, its Chair and Executive Board and the provision of policy support towards the development and publishing of policy papers and recommendations on the e-Infrastructure spectrum, as well as the support to related e-IRG working groups and task forces, which are also vital for e-IRG. The e-IRG analytical capacity for its policy documents will be strengthened with external experts, both from the e-IRG delegates and their countries, and from well-known experts in the filed who are invited as speakers in the e-IRG workshops. The communication and outreach activities, include the dissemination of the outputs of e-IRG throughout the European Research Area (ERA), the external and internal e-IRG web presence and maintenance of the social media outlets. Liaison activities are also planned with targeted stakeholders, such as ESFRI related ones, to jointly underpin the interworking of e-Infrastructures with the thematic infrastructures. Through these supporting activities by e-IRGSP7 and in its capacities, e-IRG will contribute to the implementation of EOSC, including better coordination among national entities (e.g. NRENs, national computing/clouds infrastructures) and to a more inclusive e-Infrastructure ecosystem. The consortium is very experienced and well-connected in the field through long involvement in previous e-IRG support projects and other EOSC key projects and can contribute towards better e-Infrastructure coordination and the digital transformation in the ERA. A new partner (TU-Wien) is also joining bringing experience from the EOSC Secretariat.


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