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Strengthening the investor-innovator relationship

Innovation Radar, which identifies high potential innovations and innovators, already connects investors and innovations. The challenge, however, is the lack of understanding between the investors and innovators. Researchers do not have the experience or access needed to scale up their businesses and investors do not have enough information about research-related innovations. Furthermore, because roughly 50 % of the innovations face financial hurdles, many innovations do not make it to market. The EU-funded INVEST project aims to overcome this by closing the gap between investors and research projects. It will use the Innovation Radar data and third-party data, along with due diligence practices to build on the information and bring innovators and investors together. This will lead to investor-ready innovations.


The introduction of the Innovation Radar is a great step forward for bringing investors and innovations together. However, it is not enough as there still exists a lack of understanding between the investors and the innovators. Based on the Innovation Radar report , there is a large gap where almost half of all innovations see access to finance as the main bottleneck for bringing their innovation to market.

Currently, investors lack information on new innovations coming from the research initiatives and researchers lack experience and access when it comes to reaching out to investors and scaling up their businesses.

The purpose of this CSA and the mission of INVEST is to overcome this lack of information and bridge the gap between research projects and investors from both sides; hereby significantly increasing the number of new ventures created from EU-funded innovations.

To bring innovators and investors together and to reduce the information disparity, it is crucial to leverage the Innovation Radar data and enrich it with third party data so that innovations and investors become able to find each other and have ways to put this information into perspective when possible (i.e. benchmarking, pattern finding, comparing). To make this connection successfully, innovations need to be investor ready, which will be accomplished through our targeted venture building and tech due diligence activities.

INVEST brings Europe's leading startup data platform together with venture builders and tech dd service providers to create the ideal matchmaking platform that can bring a step change in the number of new ventures created.


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