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Biodiversity Genomics Europe

Project description

Application of genomic science to understand and monitor changes in biodiversity

The EU-funded BGE project focuses on accelerating the application of genomic science for biodiversity understanding, monitoring of the changes and the interventions to address its decline. The consortium of 33 partners from 20 countries aligns efforts and resources for DNA barcoding and genome sequencing across the European communities. This will include establishing biodiversity genomics European networks to grow the capacity to use genomic tools. The implementation of large-scale data-generating pipelines will accelerate the production of genomic data for biodiversity characterisation and monitoring. The main BGE objective is to enhance understanding of European biodiversity and processes associated with its decline and to improve the efficacy of intervention and biomonitoring programmes.


The Biodiversity Genomics Europe (BGE) ProjectThe Biodiversity Genomics Europe (BGE) Project has the overriding aim of accelerating the application of genomic science to enhance understanding of biodiversity, monitor biodiversity change, and guide interventions to address its decline. BGE coordinates and upscales DNA barcoding and reference genome generation in the context of European biodiversity. The Project develops synergies by aligning efforts and resources of the DNA barcoding and genome sequencing communities across the continent.

The BGE objectives with derived ambitions:
CAPACITY: To establish functioning biodiversity genomics networks at the European level to connect and grow community capacity to use genomic tools to help tackle the biodiversity crisis
With the ambition to (a) Future-proof our networks on biodiversity genomics research, (b) lower access thresholds to biodiversity genomics research, and (c) promote co-creation and citizen engagement.

PRODUCTION - To establish and implement large-scale biodiversity genomic data-generating pipelines for Europe to accelerate the production and accessibility of genomic data for biodiversity characterisation, conservation and biomonitoring
With the ambition to (a) establish distributed and inclusive capacity, (b) build economies of scale and (c) connect previously disjoined resources to deliver relevant knowledge.

APPLICATION - To apply genomic tools to enhance understanding of pan-European biodiversity and biodiversity declines to improve the efficacy of management interventions and biomonitoring programmes.
With the ambition to (a) improve the use of biodiversity genomics data in science policy and (b) establish European-wide large scale biodiversity genomics research mechanisms.

The BGE Consortium is comprised of 33 partners across 20 countries and brings together, for the first time at this scale, the two communities for barcoding and reference genome to implement its aspirational programme.


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