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Novel Strategies for the Assembly of sp3 Carbon–Boron Bonds. Development of Multicomponent Reactions of Boryl Radicals Using Photocatalysis.


Boron-containing small organic molecules are fundamental building-blocks in synthetic chemistry due to their use in the Nobel Prize-winning Suzuki cross-coupling. The invention of novel chemical reactions that form carbon–boron bonds in unprecedented ways is of strategic importance to facilitate the discovery, evolution and manufacture of molecules that impact our society.

The overarching aim of this project is to explore a conceptually novel approach where sp3 carbon–boron bonds are assembled through the reactivity of B-centred radicals (boryl radicals).

Here we propose to develop unprecedented multicomponent reactions based on the photocatalytic generation of boryl radicals from homo-allylic amine-boranes, followed by their cyclization and then diversification through a final reaction with a broad range of trapping agents. This novel synthetic approach will provide a novel class of borylated building blocks that have not been prepared before and we will study their application in metal-catalysed cross-couplings. This methodology will be applied to streamline the preparation of difficult-to-make drug analogues.

The proposal capitalizes on recent developments of the host group that pioneered the use of amine-boranes in photoredox catalysis for boryl radical generation and utilization.

The development of this innovative project at RWTH Aachen will create new tools in bio-organic chemistry and facilitate the preparation of high-value materials. Its implementation will be facilitated by generating, transferring, sharing and disseminating knowledge, and will enhance my future career following the training plan envisioned.


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