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Open-Earth-Monitor Cyberinfrastructure

Project description

Environmental information to support EU’s Green Deal

Today’s Earth observation (EO) data provides fast complex information concerning various changes on Earth. Could we use this data to protect our planet? The EU-funded OEMC project will provide the open-Earth-monitor cyberinfrastructure to accelerate Europe’s capability to process high-quality, user-friendly, environmental information, based on Earth observation (EO) data. The developed cyber-infrastructure will be secured in FAIR data principles and existing platforms related to EO will be leveraged to a higher level. This will allow the monitoring of essential biodiversity indicators and the registering of natural capital accounts for private and public sectors, allowing businesses to improve their competitive advantage through the EU Green Deal and European citizens to have a better quality of life.


The Open-Earth-Monitor Cyberinfrastructure will increase European capability to generate timely, accurate, disaggregated, people-centred, accessible (GSM-compatible) and user-friendly environmental information based on Earth Observation data. We will achieve this by building a cyberinfrastructure anchored in FAIR data principles, leveraging and improving our existing platforms XCUBE and

We do this in 3 phases:
a) implementation of the computing engine and in-situ O&M data services;
b) direct application of the Open-Earth-Monitor to support EU Green Deal and other strategic actions;
c) dissemination and engagement of stakeholders & target users through series of open workshops, then revise the tools and adjust them to better fit their objectives and limitations.

We specifically target contributing to:
operational planning for planting 3 billion trees over the EU by 2030;
achieving climate-neutrality by 2035 in the land sector;
building back a net-zero GHG emission economy by 2050;
achieving UN’s SDGs’; monitoring essential biodiversity indicators;
compiling natural capital accounts for private / public sectors;
enabling businesses to leverage competitive advantage through the EU Green Deal;
increasing the quality of life for European Citizens.

We will innovate:
1) implementation of original cloud-based solutions to seamlessly integrate in-situ (point, site) & EO data so that we can produce environmental information at analysis- and decision-ready levels;
2) implementation of fully-scalable Automated Mapping / AutoML frameworks;
3) user-experience-designed data provision and Apps possibly reaching millions of users across EU and globally;
4) financial assessment tools allowing users to directly quantify ecosystem services (SEEA methodology), to identify optimal environmental and climate solutions, & to build business solutions.


Net EU contribution
€ 2 344 914,65

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€ 2 344 914,65

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