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Twinning supports Serbia’s research and development of healthy, productive grain varieties

The Maize Research Institute, Zemun Polje, a Serbian public research and development institution, is focused on advancing new, highly productive and high-quality maize hybrids, soybeans and small grain cereal varieties adapted to diverse agro-ecological conditions for a variety of uses. The EU-funded CREDIT Vibes project will enhance the training of highly skilled researchers and non-research staff through twinning with the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. This will create new research opportunities, enhance funding and strengthen the Institute’s excellence. The transfer of agro-knowledge and agro-technologies into the economy will drive economic growth and benefits, including healthier foods, a healthier environment and a healthier planet.


CREDIT Vibes presents a cloud of Creativity, Research, Education, Development, Innovation, and Transformation (CREDIT) where the training of the highly-skilled researchers and non-research staff is the priority. CREDIT Vibes are launched healthy food/feed, a healthy eco-friendly environment, and healthy life on a healthy planet. It was guided by the idea that if Maize Research Institute from Serbia is structurally transformed and thus improved transfer of agro-technology and agro-knowledge and increase number of manageable projects, other institutions in Serbia and the region will copy that pattern and enhance-self. When several smaller micro-transformations come together, the community's interest rises to the global level, and excellence is born. The main project's objectives are to transform and access excellence following the scientific and technology roadmaps and thus extend networking and collaboration in the region and Europe Research Area. CREDIT Vibes expects broader scientific, economic, and societal effects in raising the excellence of Maize Research Institute, which will open new science pathways and thus increase the number of manageable projects. Furthermore, increasing the transfer of agro-knowledge and agro-technologies into the economy by 15% will be the main long-term propeller of economic growth.


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