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LEAF: heaL thE plAnet's Future


Starting from the encouraging results of the LEAF (heaL thE plAnet's Future) project in 2021 NIGHT edition, we are now proposing a step forward to increase the awareness on the importance of research and innovation, to improve trust in the researcher's work by effectively involving the society in experimenting science through 600 events. All activities will cover EU Green Deal topics (Farm to Fork, Biodiversity, Circular economy, Zero-pollution, toxic-free environments, Health & Wellbeing, Energy and resource efficient buildings, secure energy, sustainable and smart mobility). The main goal is to make science accessible and fun to everyone, thus generating a practical understanding of how to cope with climate change issues. The LEAF project will be developed in 21 cities in Italy, involving 39 partners with a series of events happening during the last week of September 2022 and 2023 thus including the NIGHT. LEAF 22-23 project will include a series of specific activities dedicated to schools to permit researchers to engage with teachers and pupils on challenges related to climate change, sustainable development, health and other issues related to the European Commission priorities such as the European Green Deal. In particular, in this edition we will reinforce the experience at school through a dedicated work package on researchers@school involving institutes located in small towns with difficulties in reaching NIGHT events. First year will be devoted to fulfill the achievements reached in last editions while in 2023 our main goal will be the improvement of project KPIs thanks to the validation of the researchers@school activity. The overall result will be a relevant increase in the awareness of why and how the researcher's work is relevant for the benefit of our current and future planet, as well as effectively encouraging young people in embarking in scientific careers by generating a real impact on science.


Net EU contribution
€ 300 250,00
Non-EU contribution
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