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FRom ExpEctation TO ACTion

Project description

European Researchers’ Night to engage youth and others across France

For European Researchers’ Night 2022-2023 in France, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) project FREETOACT will organise events in 16 cities. The latest edition has two themes, ‘The Unexpected’ and ‘Our Futures’, intended to foster discussion with researchers and enrich public perception of science in society. Mediators will coach the 2 800 researchers involved in the project for optimal engagement with the public, whether through ‘Researchers at School’ activities or adults’ participation in the Great Participatory Experiment in 2023. The Night is aimed at improving understanding of how research actually works and prompting citizens to explore how research does and can shape our (un)expected futures.


"The FREETOACT project involves 16 experienced partners and is the legacy of 16 years of a collective participation to the ERN as a Consortium. We will organize events in 16 different French cities, sharing the same objectives and approach to science engagement, and most of the activities, and involving local researchers. FREETOACT is based on two connected themes. In 2022, the public will discuss the functioning of research through an attractive theme, “The unexpected”, which will bring surprises to the visitors, while discussing predictability in research. In the process, in 2023, researchers and the public will debate together around the theme ""Our futures"". These themes foster the quality of the discussion with researchers (a key factor in enriching the public's vision of science in society), and renew ERN proposition for the public and the press. During the events, we will create warm and aesthetic encounters and design playful activities to be shared by researchers and the public. The 2,800 researchers involved in the project will be coached and trained by mediators. All the local organizers have extensive experience in conducting researcher-public meetings. Thus, “Researchers at school” activities will be organized thanks to our existing networks. Adults will also be able to participate through a new edition of the Great Participatory Experiment in 2023 (a research team will propose participatory research for the ERN in 16 cities). Online activities will be proposed to interact with the public located outside our 16 cities. The French Ministry of Culture will financially support the event for the 5th year, fostering the participation of researchers in humanities and social sciences; the Ministry of Research will also maintain its support. The ERN will take on the responsibility of improving the understanding of how research actually works and will get young people, the public and researchers to question the role of research in shaping our (un)expected futures"



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