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Festival der Wissenschaft Kiel Region 2022/2023

Project description

Increasing awareness of science and research in Kiel

The European Researchers’ Night (ERN) is an annual Europe-wide series of events highlighting the relevance of research and science in our daily life. Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the SCIENCE4FUTURE project will organise the 2022/2023 ERN events in the Kiel region. Focusing on the key themes of sustainability, digitality and Europe, the project brings together Kiel’s 12 research institutions and researchers from Denmark and the European University of the Seas, showcasing their work and achievements. Events aimed at school children build on the importance of science education in a fun and enjoyable way. In addition, SCIENCE4FUTURE offers for the first time a virtual participation option, thereby increasing its outreach and impact.


Successfully launched in 2016, the hugely popular European Researchers’ Night will return in 2022/23 to the Kiel region as a true science festival with a much greater scope in terms of geography, duration and activities. Not only will it bring together all of Kiel region’s 12 research organisations comprising all academic disciplines showcasing their scientists and work to the public, but will also include for the first time activities organised by researchers from Denmark and the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU). Another novelty will be an extended programme of pre-events as well as the school programme with Rent-a-Scientist and Rent-a-Science-Film formats across the region’s five major cities (Kiel, Rendsburg, Eckernförde, Plön, Preetz). This will enhance awareness of the project and its messages and likely attract up to 20.000 visitors each year. Finally, the NIGHT will offer for the first time both online and in-person formats to include more researchers, to reach an even wider audience and to increase the long-term impact by making recordings available after the event. SCIENCE4FUTURE will focus on the themes of Sustainability, Digitality and Europe. A more sustainable approach to the environment, the economy and society supported by research-based digital innovations is the pre-requisite to a prosperous future in Europe and our activities will each be associated with at last one of the Horizon Europe Missions. With the support of over 40 German and Danish institutions, the active involvement of over 300 researchers in the design and delivery of the programme and partners from SEA-EU as well as the public, private and non-governmental sector, SCIENCE4FUTURE thus establishes itself as the only cross-border NIGHT and the largest public event dedicated to science-communication and science-education in Northern Germany.


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