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Probing emergent phenomena in twisted WSe2 using THz-on-Chip spectroscopy


Understanding how strong electron-electron correlations shape the behavior of quantum materials is important both for fundamental scientific discovery and future technological applications. For example, determining the role of electron correlations in unconventional superconductivity could allow scientists to design a room temperature superconductor. However, complicated materials and lack of in situ tuning parameters limit progress. Twisted WSe2 (tWSe2), like other van der Waals heterostructures , possesses in situ tunability of both doping and displacement field, providing a tractable model system with unprecedented control which may be described by a simple, single orbital triangular Hubbard model. In TwistTOC, I will investigate the strongly correlated dynamics and possible superconducting phase in moiré superlattices of tWSe2 using on-chip terahertz (THz) spectroscopy. The group of Dr James McIver at the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter is the ideal host organization as they are pioneering the use of on-chip THz spectroscopy for investigating graphene-based vdW heterostructures. This technique uniquely probes the material response on the energy scale resonant with the emergent phenomena, containing a wealth of information, such as direct signatures of superconductivity. Using this platform, I will study the origin of the correlated insulating state observed at half-filling and characterize the frequency dependence of the metal to insulator transition. Next, I will investigate the nature of the possible superconducting phase in tWSe2. These studies will further our understanding of tWSe2, provide insight for theoretical models, and potentially shed light on unconventional superconductors with similar phenomenology. This project will provide me with the technical and leadership skills necessary to forge future research directions investigating the equilibrium and non-equilibrium THz response of a wide variety of quantum materials.


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