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Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Kraft Lignin to Aromatics


Crude oil is the primary source for six-membered aromatic hydrocarbons, building blocks for the production of synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and dyes. Due to the looming petroleum crisis, biomass valorization is currently receiving a great emphasis in industries and academic institutions for sustainable chemical production. For decades, the pulp and paper industries struggled to generate sustainable technologies to produce value-added chemicals from the Kraft lignin, where it was utilized as fuel to produce heat. This issue is now at the forefront in front of the second generation of biorefineries. Since the first generation of biofuels relies on the food material resulting in rising food prices. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop sustainable processes for the production of aromatics from renewable sources, i.e. lignin, a natural biopolymer consisting of 6 membered aromatic rings. Therefore, the hydrotreatment of lignin to aromatics contributes to emerging resource sustainability and makes the bio-refining processes profitable. The proposed project, Lig2BTX, aims to develop a unique, sustainable catalytic hydrotreatment process for the production of aromatics from an inexpensive and abundant Kraft lignin by utilizing Dandelion type single hollow microsphere catalyst. Also, investigation of the best routes for high yields of aromatics and minimize the overall production cost. The Lig2BTX project combines knowledge from the synthesis of catalysts, chemical engineering, and understanding the molecular level processes by DFT studies. This project will provide breakthrough scientific and engineering experience combined with an excellent training program. It will implement several work packages, focusing on Dandelion flower-like metal oxide synthesis, processes for the production of aromatics from lignin, and optimization of the process the high yields of aromatics, together with the innovation management.


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