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Molecular Drivers of the InteractionS between marine algicidal KORdia and DIAtoms: from coexistence to algal lysis.

Project description

Bacteria-phytoplankton dynamics

Marine phytoplankton, such as diatoms, play a key role in biogeochemical cycles, as they carry out a significant part of photosynthesis on Earth. Therefore, their complex and dynamic interaction with bacteria is of utmost importance, as it can be symbiotic or antagonistic and affect phytoplankton function. The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) DISKORDIA project focuses on the mechanisms by which algicidal bacteria induce lysis in algae as well as on phytoplankton resistance processes. Researchers aim to study genes and metabolites implicated in bacteria-medicated phytoplankton lysis. DISKORDIA results will improve our understanding of the interactions that take place in the aquatic environments which are central for the marine food web.


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