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Certainty in an Uncertain World: A Philosophy of Opinion

Project description

How opinion is formed in today’s world of communication

How does thought become opinion? The answer to this question is important in today’s world of instantaneous communication and global interconnection. The EU-funded project A Theory of Opinion has elected to reinterpret select German scholarship with the goal of developing a philosophical, social and critical theory of what it means to articulate and lay claims of perspective, belief and attitude in the context of 21st century social communication. Through the formulation of a philosophy of opinion, project work aims to provide fresh insights into how and why the proposed distinctive epistemological structure comprising macro- and micro-level thought has become ever-more pervasive in our ‘post-truth’ society.


Net EU contribution
€ 189 687,36
Am Neuen Palais 10
14469 Potsdam

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