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A SUstainable integrated Route to convert waste PLAStics to H2 and low carbon liquid fuels


The management and disposal of plastic waste is an ever increasing problem with the EU alone generating more than 29.1 million tons of post-consumer plastic waste each year. The main aim of the proposed project is to deliver an integrated solution utilizing plastic waste to generate low carbon H2 and low carbon liquid fuels providing a decarbonisation route for the stationary power generation and transport sectors toward a clean energy and sustainable future. Thus, SURPLAS is in line with the European Union's Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy and serves the ultimate goal of the recently announced Green Deal toward an energy transition to a low or even zero carbon economy to effectively combat climate change. In specific, different types of plastic waste will be processed, characterized and gasified to produce syngas at high hydrogen yields with adjusted H2/CO ratios and low tar formation, employing optimum operating parameters and catalysts to improve the gasification performance. At the same time, SURPLAS is proceeding one step forward with the conversion of gasification derived syngas mixtures toward Fischer-Tropsch (FT) liquid synthetic fuels using advanced in terms of synthesis and composition nanocatalysts. Thus, regarding the FT synthesis process, SURPLAS is aiming to optimize process conditions and identify superior catalysts to enhance the activity and selectivity of FT process to diesel and gasoline fractions (low carbon fuels) for maritime and heavy duty vehicles applications. The final objective of the proposed project is to elaborate reliable energetic and feasibility studies for real-scale SURPLAS processes (kW and MW scales) and to investigate their potential market prospects and business cases.


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