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Integrated photonic circuit fabrication by femtosecond laser writing for quantum information


Quantum technologies promise to revolutionize the way we acquire, manipulate and communicate information. Photons are key players in quantum technologies with a transversal role in all applications. In particular, integrated photonics is the only viable approach to scale up quantum photonics to the level of real-world applications. In this context, many materials and fabrication tecnologies are being explored. Among them femtosecond laser writing of photonic circuits in transparent glasses is a powerful microfabrication technique with several advantages that could particularly benefit quantum applications. In particular, in a rapidly developing field such as that based on quantum technologies, there is a great need for rapid prototyping, easy customization and versatility in terms of layouts, materials and applications; all these features are specifically provided by femtosecond laser writing. In this project we would like to build from several key device demonstrations, achieved in the main ERC Advanced Grant, to develop their potential for commercial exploitation in the globally expanding market of quantum photonic devices. Femtosecond laser writing has already demonstrated its industrial viability with several existing companies based on this technology, however, none of them tackles the market of quantum integrated photonic devices. The PI and his team have a longstanding experience in designing and producing integrated photonic devices for quantum applications. The PhotonFAB project will focus on improving the production capability in terms of circuit complexity, efficiency and packaging. Together with a thorough market and IPR analysis, contacts with potential end users and stakeholders, and detailed cost estimation, this project will help shaping the exploitation strategy of the many groundbreaking results achieved in the ERC Advanced Grant project.

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