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Versatile Polypeptide-based Intranasal Drug Delivery Platform(s) to Tackle CNS Disorders.


Nearly one in six of the world's population suffered from neurological disorders, this number is expected to keep growing. Many of those central nervous system (CNS) disorders do not have still an approved therapy, mainly due to one of the most challenging barriers, the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Only 2% of small-molecule drugs and ~0% of biologic drugs can reach the brain, thus stunting the development of treatment options. In POLYBRAINT we will explore the technical and commercial feasibility of an intranasal drug delivery platform (derived from ERC consolidator MyNano) to deliver biological agents to the brain for the treatment of CNS pathologies. After an adequate functionalization, our intranasally (i.n.) administered nanocarrier can reach the brain and diffuse through to specific areas of interest (i.e. hippocampus, olfactory bulb...). POLYBRAINT aims to confirm the transport, delivery, and controlled release of a functional biological agent, establish an intellectual property strategy, and assess the future commercialization feasibility of our innovative platform. Our i.n. platform has unique properties capable to overcome the main limitations of existing approaches and can revolutionize what has been achieved so far in the field, including greater versatility, higher loading capacity and controlled-sustained drug release after rationally design bioresponsive conjugation strategies among others. Additionally, our nanocarrier can be scaled at the industrial level and thus overcome a significant bottleneck of current nanocarrier-based therapeutics. Our platform offers a highly attractive business case, as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies heavily invest in nanomedicine due to the need for novel drug delivery strategies that can cross challenging biological barriers such as the blood-brain barrier.


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