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WAVESIM – The next generation electromagnetic wave solver

Project description

New approach for improving the efficiency of electromagnetic field solvers

Maxwell’s equations provide a mathematical model for electric, optical and radio technologies, describing how electric and magnetic fields are generated by charges, currents and field changes. Electromagnetic field solvers are specialised programmes that solve Maxwell’s equations. However, solving Maxwell’s equations for complex structures (e.g. photonic devices, antennas, metamaterials, etc.) requires enormous computational resources. The EU-funded WAVESIM project proposes a new approach to solving Maxwell’s equations faster (by a factor of 2 000) and more accurately (by a factor of at least 10) than conventional methods. Research and development work will be consolidated in a viable product that can be used by academia and industry.


Maxwell solvers are widely used in science and industry for the design and analysis of photonic devices, radio frequency electronics, integrated circuits, antennas, metamaterials, and more. Unfortunately, solving Max-well’s equations for complex structures is extremely computationally intensive.

In the ERC funded research project DEEP VISION, we discovered a new approach to solve Maxwell's equations much faster (a factor 2000) and more accurate (a factor 10 at least) than conventional methods. In this proof of concept project, we will perform the necessary research and development to come from these promising results to a minimum viable product that can be used by academia and industry. We gather a group of early adopters, implement feedback from these users, and investigate different revenue models for the software, all in preparation of commercializing the software.

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€ 150 000,00
7522 NB Enschede

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Oost-Nederland Overijssel Twente
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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