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Developing a surgical infection treatment to reduce amputations, healing times and hospital stays for diabetic foot patients


XTremedy Medical is a surgical ablation company founded in 2018 to commercialize technology treating deep wound infections, including Diabetic Foot Infections (DFI). Our pulsed field ablation (PFA) system is the first to deliver electrical currents non-invasively to achieve superior clinical outcomes including faster cure of infections, reduced surgeries and shorter hospital stays.
The Problem:
Deep tissue and bone infections are life threatening infections that affect a millions of Europeans every year. Immunosuppressed patients are particularly vulnerable, with Diabetic Foot Ulcer Infections a leading cause of amputations in Europe. These patients are incredibly difficult to treat, requiring multiple surgeries, lengthy hospital stays and long-term antibiotics. In 20% of patients, an amputation is required to control the infection. Surgical intervention to remove infected tissue is the cornerstone of treatment but surgeons must balance removing infected material whilst preserving healthy tissue required for healing.
Treatment Landscape:
Current treatment modalities either only treat the surface of the wound or use mechanical forces to treat below the surface. Surface treatments fail as they leave infection below the wound bed untreated. Mechanical devices can cause more severe infections by damaging the integrity of the wound bed and propelling the infection deeper. As a result, these treatments are often ineffective, with 50% of patients requiring additional surgeries.
XTremedy Solution:
XTremedy Medical have developed a surgical device that delivers electrical signals through the wound. This device treats both the surface and below to zap any residual infection. The technology is non-thermal and preserves the integrity of the wound during treatment, helping reduce the time required for healing. Patients benefit from reduced surgeries, shortened hospital stays and antibiotic durations following surgery.


Net EU contribution
€ 75 000,00
Translational Medical Device Lab, 2nd Floor Lambe Translational Research Facility, University College Hospital Galway, Co. Galway
H91ERW1 Galway

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