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Breakthrough Innovation Programme for a Pan-European Detection and Imaging Eco-System – Phase-1(B)

Project description

Improving the ATTRACT model to boost innovation ecosystem

Fundamental research is often the foundation of breakthrough technologies. However, their transformation into disruptive commercial products is difficult without a co-innovation ecosystem engaging fundamental research and industrial communities. The EU-funded ATTRACT Phase-1B project focuses on establishing this ecosystem and developing several breakthrough detection and imaging technologies for scientific and commercial use to a prototype stage. The project will fund the most promising technology concepts from its previous phase helping them reach a precommercial stage. It will also involve young entrepreneurs in the process, who in collaboration with professional researchers and inspired by such technologies will prototype solutions for social and sustainable innovation. Additionally, the project will fund scholars undertaking a forward-looking socio-economic impact study of both ATTRACT phases.


The ATTRACT Phase-1(B) project delivers an important new angle to the already established and highly regarded ATTRACT Model which created an European eco-system for breakthrough detection & imaging (D&I) technology development based on co-innovation. The precursor H2020 ATTRACT Phase-1(A) and Phase-2 projects have already proven that - in principle - the development of breakthrough innovation from basic science towards market applications does not need to be a matter of chance. It can lead to much faster results if managed and supported consistently through the creation of an trusted ecosystem between research, academia, industry and public/private investment communities. In neither precursor projects, however, the ATTRACT Consortium specified topics to be funded and opted for a bottom up approach.

In light of the societal challenges that Europe faces, the ATTRACT Consortium now feels compelled to explore whether such approach remains valid, or whether ATTRACT - as an instrument - can work equally well when an element of research pre-determination is introduced. In the ATTRACT Phase-1(B) project, the pre-determining factor is 'D&I for Earth observation and monitoring', as such technologies directly contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of nature-human interaction, environmental changes and Climate Change. The ATTRACT Consortium will fund 30 breakthrough D&I concepts at €100.000 each. Third Party Open Call applicant consortia will have 12 months to investigate the scientific merits, technical feasibility, and potential game-changing applicability potential of their concept up to TRL level 3-5. Technologies should be capable of collecting data (physical, chemical, biological, etc, characteristics) with high specificity and extreme sensitivity whilst offering high spatial and temporal resolution and massive parallelism. They should be suitable for seamless integration into pervasive, low cost, and low-power ICT systems (incl. portable, wearable, IoT).


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