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Innovative nanostructured aluminium composite


"Innovative nanostructured Aluminium composite.
A constant goal in almost all areas of electronics is miniaturization. Miniaturization leads to a reduction in strip thicknesses and places ever higher demands on materials in terms of strength, conductivity, and formability. The trend towards transmitting higher currents goes hand in hand with higher demands on the base material. A key requirement for materials is thermal relaxation resistance, which enables it to maintain spring forces and transmit currents.

Soluterials goal is to develop, produce and to offer nano-structured lightweight materials. Based on Ms. Kasakewitsch's scientific work and doctoral thesis, we developed a nanostructured aluminium material InC and transferred the production process from laboratory to pilot industrial scale. InC is the material that meets contemporary requirements and sets the course for the future. It’s a key enabling technology that will lead to far-reaching developments in downstream industries. The material properties are needed in all future industries, such as e-mobility, 5G, and electronics. For example, electrical conductors such as high-voltage cables could be constructed as self-supporting materials in future; in e-mobility, e-motors could be radically miniaturised. InC opens up completely new possibilities for the miniaturisation of electrical components. In addition, like aluminium, InC can be produced cost-effectively on established production lines in one process step.

Soluterials is a ""game-changer"" in a multipurpose metal design (our customers can streamline their production by using only one instead of several metals/alloys for their different products/applications).
Soluterials is a knowledge provider, as we help our customers to develop new benefits and products with InC.


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