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Integrated High-speed Power Systems for Industry and Mobile Applications

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Training a new generation of power electronic systems specialists

The electrification of society is an important step in achieving the EU’s goal of transitioning to a zero emission society and offering numerous benefits to related technologies. However, a shortage of specialists in this field creates a bottleneck for innovation. In this context, the EU-funded HIPO project will establish a network of experts, training programmes and opportunities for doctoral candidates to specialise in electrification and high-speed power system technologies. By increasing the number of specialists, the project will drive rapid innovation. It will position the EU as a leader in power electronic systems expertise, which is essential for the transition to renewable energy.


This DN implements a multidisciplinary and innovative research and training programme, bringing together different scientific fields and industrial participation to enable a new generation of Doctoral Candidates (DCs) to investigate and develop electric drives in the context of electrification in the transition towards zero-emissions. Electrification is one of the key assets in green transition and future sustainable world.
While electrification offers one of the main solutions in reaching carbon-neutral societies, there is already now a lack of skilled persons in the field. Therefore there is an urgent need to educate young highly skilled engineers with a breadth of interdisciplinarity on designing propulsion machines and power converters to become EU’s future leaders in power electronic systems (applied in renewable energy systems and electric vehicles - EVs). The proposed network is timely in meeting the challenges, bringing together the leading experts and providing best training opportunities to doctoral candidates (DC). This will make a step change in the EU’s key industry with potential impacts on other applications such as high-speed trains, electric vehicles, electric aircrafts and ships.

High-speed technology enables high material and energy efficiency. Therefore, HIPO (integrated HIgh-speed POwer systems for industry and mobile applications) research and training programme will focus on providing Doctoral Candidates (DCs) with relevant knowledge, methods and skills across a wide range of disciplines around Electric High-Speed Drives.



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