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European Startup Nations Alliance


The time is now to bring Europe to the forefront of the global startup ecosystem, in order to boost societal health and wealth and increase economic growth, especially in this period of recovery following the COVID-19 global pandemic. The world will not be the same again, and Europe has a fantastic opportunity to become a global leader in the world of tomorrow if it manages to convert its potential as a continent of innovators, pioneers, and entrepreneurs into a competitive, well organized and coordinated ecosystem of startups. For that, Europe must establish the best framework conditions that can help the most promising and strategic startups stay and flourish in Europe and grow to compete globally.

The signature of the EU “Startup Nations Standard” declaration in March 2021, as a formal commitment of 27 European countries to enhance these framework conditions through the adoption of best practices, and now the creation of the Europe Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA) as a new Startup Nations’ hub to coordinate, support and monitor national progresses towards this process, are the two key elements of this European policy. The present proposal is focused on establishment of ESNA with the mission to accelerate the growth of European entrepreneurship by improving national policy frameworks of the ESNA Member countries on the common standards agreed upon in the Startup Nations Standard Declaration, and to continuously identify and develop best practices into deployable policies based on analysis of data gathered from members on a digital platform, providing up to date key information of the


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€ 1 000 000,00
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