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European Doctoral Network for Safe and Sustainable by Design Electromagnetic Shielding Material

Project description

Network for safe and sustainable by design electromagnetic shielding for vehicles

The process of fitting new cars with efficient electromagnetic shielding is challenging. It requires extensive testing of prototypes before the cars can be introduced in the market. This leads to high costs for even the most high-tech companies. The EU-funded PARASOL project aims to overcome this difficulty. It will introduce a doctoral network focused on 1. the research of electromagnetic shielding solutions, 2. safe and sustainable by design methodologies for vehicles, and 3. their efficient combination. PARASOL aims to train professionals that will supply companies with novel methodologies and mindsets for a more efficient design and production process for electromagnetic shielding.


• PARASOL is a Doctoral Network at the intersection of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), materials engineering, system-safety engineering, and sustainability management. The project will include the Safe and Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) approach for vehicles. The project researches electromagnetic (EM) shielding solutions, which are performances-defining technologies in terms of EM safety, weight, volume, mechanical strength, and the cost of a vehicle.

• PARASOL’s science case is based on the integration and optimisation of every KPI in the SSbD approach. This requires thinking in terms of a trade-off across a new mix of disciplines, to develop innovative solutions accordingly, and to consider all the far-reaching societal and technical consequences of the design choice. Up to now, even most high-tech industries are forced to manufacture several prototypes and perform tests, because the actual performance of shielding in the final vehicles is unknown. A characterisation strategy embedded in the SSbD approach is urgently needed.

• PARASOL is the first training network dedicated to the inclusion of the SSbD approach in the design of electronic equipment. It answers the recently highlighted, pressing need for trained specialist in the field.

• PARASOL involves 5 academic Beneficiaries and 15 industrial Associated Partners, across the complete lifecycle of design solutions, from 8 countries. A pan-European approach in a multi-sectoral context is guaranteed (universities, an established start-up, SMEs, and major industries), while representing all types of vehicles (land, air, marine).

• PARASOL will train a new generation of scientific professionals who can transition between disciplines and take up leading positions in the field of electronics, safety, and sustainability, while thinking differently in terms of design solutions. These professionals can support Europe’s ambition to play a major role in the safety-critical market for vehicles.


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