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Reliable biomeTric tEhNologies to asSist Police authorities in cOmbating terrorism and oRganized crime

Project description

Enhancing European investigation capabilities through modern biometrics

Fingerprint identification is one of the oldest and most well-known forms of biometrics used by the police. Other forms of biometrics include face, voice, gait and behaviour-based recognition. The EU-funded TENSOR project will provide police authorities and forensic institutes a platform they can use to make it easier to extract, share and store biometric evidence in cross-border environments. Novel tools will be developed to perform all of the above in a secure, automated and scalable manner that also ensures privacy. To assist in the faster adoption of modern biometric solutions, the project will design the first European Biometric Data Space that will create a common ground among police authorities, forensic institutes and security researchers.


TENSOR will provide LEAs a platform that facilitates the biometric evidence extraction, sharing and storage in cross border environments allowing them to share best practices in an automated, robust, secure, privacy-preserving and scalable manner. In addition, the full potential of biometrics technologies will be exploited and their fusion in case of partial evidence gathered in the crime scenes by forensic institutes strengthening their acceptance in the court of justice. More particularly, TENSOR will equip security practitioners with novel tools focusing on (a) Extraction of biometrics and other more or less distinctive features validated in forensic conditions that assist LEAs in identification, identity verification, intelligence and investigation processes and can be leveraged to unlock criminals’ mobile devices; (b) Sharing of biometrics through secure, automated, scalable exchange of biometric intelligence and court-proof evidence among LEAs in a cross-border manner, enhancing interoperability among legacy systems owned by security practitioners and Forensic Institutes; and (c) Storage of biometrics in a privacy-preserving way through a biometric data protection mechanism enabling revocability of biometric templates. TENSOR will also introduce the one-of-its-kind European Biometric Data Space creating a common ground among LEAs, Forensic Institutes and Security Researchers assisting in the faster adoption of modern biometric solutions.



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