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Improving Access to Services for Victims of Domestic Violence by Accelerating Change in Frontline Responder Organisations

Project description

A bot against domestic violence

Violence against women and domestic violence affect one in three women across the EU. On the other hand, most cases remain under-reported and under-detected. Although progress has been made, policy implementation to address this abuse should be accelerated. The EU-funded IMPROVE project aims to help. It will develop a series of tools to increase reporting and detection of domestic violence. In particular, researchers will use a conversational (multilingual) AI chatbot that provides the victims immediate advice, risk assessment and guidance towards the available service provisions. By empowering the victims to understand their rights for services and justice, and by supporting the police as well as NGOs to enhance their competencies, IMPROVE will eventually change policymaking in this field.


In combatting domestic violence progress has been made, however policy implementation remains slow and domestic violence mostly remains under-reported by the victims and under-detected by the frontline agencies. IMPROVE project develops several tools to increase reporting and detection of domestic violence by empowering the victims to understand their rights for services and justice, and by supporting Police Authorities, Civil Society Organizations and other frontline responder organisations to enhance their competencies to utilize innovative solutions that enable and accelerate policy implementation. IMPROVE will develop Conversational (multilingual) AI Chatbot (AINO) that provides the victims immediate advice and risk assessment as well as guidance towards the available service provisions. The performance of AI Chatbot will be consistently improved by machine learning using inputs from the victim-survivors. IMPROVE will support the planning and decision making of policy makers and managers to fully utilize innovative solutions in the priority areas in order to accelerate policy implementation and enhance positive operational outcomes through effective application of tools, procedures and measures to combat domestic violence. IMPROVE will address frontline responders training needs by designing training materials covering sector specific and cross-sector contents supported by innovative teaching and learning methods. IMPROVE will construct and deliver targeted awareness campaigns for the victims, their social environs, and community representatives as well as frontline responder practitioners, managers, policy makers and academic experts. Innovations produced by IMPROVE are based on applied research that constructs a pioneering conceptual approach that is able to address diverse identities of the victims, the under-served, vulnerable and marginalized individuals and multiple forms and situations of domestic violence.


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