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Extratropical-Tropical interAction: A unified view on the extratropical impact on the subtropics and tropics at weather timescales

Project description

Quantifying the weather effects of extratropical dry, cold air flowing into the tropics

Tropical weather cannot be forecast more than a day in advance, leaving almost half of humanity vulnerable to nature’s fury. Tropical weather is largely governed by deep clouds that are significantly impacted by flows from outside of the tropics (extratropical flows); the effects are poorly understood. The ERCl-funded ExTrA project will study how extratropical dry, cold air flowing into the tropics dramatically modifies the atmosphere and air-sea interactions. The team will use a new global Lagrangian identification approach to study this extratropical-tropical interaction for the first time, supported by state-of-the-art data, diagnostic tools, and multiscale modelling.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 687 470,00
Herzl Street 234
7610001 Rehovot

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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