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Fostering Opportunities Towards Slovak Excellence in Advanced Control for Smart Industries

Project description

Twinning in advanced automatic control research in Slovakia

The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STUBA), Slovakia, strives to evolve into a modern excellent institution in high-quality research in advanced automatic control for smart industries. The EU-funded FrontSeat project will increase the research and academic prospects of STUBA through twinning with two academic groups renowned for research in automatic control from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Germany, and the University of Pisa (UNIPI), Italy. The project will help the Slovak university intensify research and achieve a high level in advanced automatic control, reinforce collaboration with these Western European partners, train excellent young/senior researchers and project managers, and disseminate research and innovation efforts.


The project aims at increasing the research and academic prospects of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia (STUBA) and at initiating the evolution of STUBA into a modern, reputed excellent institution that performs high-quality research in advanced automatic control, educates top-quality scholars and industrial practitioners, and is successful in active dissemination and exploitation of its research and innovation efforts. For this purpose, STUBA teams up with two renowned research groups in automatic control from RU Bochum, Germany (RUB) and Pisa University, Italy (UNIPI). The specific goals of the action are to reinforce the collaboration with the two research groups from Western Europe, to intensify research in advanced automatic control, to open up new collaboration channels through academic and industrial networking, to train excellent young/senior researchers and project managers, and to effectively disseminate and exploit the research results of STUBA. The unique features of the project are:
- Adoption/amendment of internal research project-related rules and procedures and develop project management toolbox,
- Research efforts aiming at the continued creation of high-quality research results and software tools,
- Establishment of a series of guest scientific and academic lectures,
- Exchanges and training of project managers and research (junior and senior) personnel,
- Organisation of conferences and invited sessions, seminars with industry, and annual summer schools,
- Preparation and implementation of a new PhD curriculum at STUBA,
- Establishment of an academic-industrial research and innovation cluster.



Net EU contribution
€ 488 103,75
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81243 Bratislava

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