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Metal complexes of a naturally inspired framework functionalized for cytotoxic and catalytic efficiency

Project description

Novel metal complexes assessed for their cytotoxic and catalytic efficiency

The MSCA-funded MET-EFFECT project plans to develop novel multifunctional rhenium (Re) and iridium (Ir) complexes for metallodrug development. Researchers will design Re and Ir complexes containing apigenin-like ligands, a natural bioactive flavone-type of molecules. The antitumour potential of the complexes will be tested on a panel of various human cancer cell lines. Furthermore, researchers will assess the ability of the newly synthesised Re(V) complexes to be used as homogeneous catalysts in olefin epoxidation, oxoanion catalytic reduction and water oxidation reactions.


The immense power of practice-oriented synthetic chemistry is demonstrated through the opportunity to design, synthesize, optimize, produce and apply a molecule of a desirable structure for a given purpose. In the light of its ability to bridge chemical structure with a function, MET-EFFECT proposes brand new concept of novel multifunctional rhenium and iridium flavonoid complexes aimed to serve as metallodrugs and homogenous catalysts. The fusion of academic knowledge and industry-oriented perspective establishes a fruitful collaboration of an international and intersectoral profile. Well-recognized members of Consortium gains beyond the-state-of-the-art advances in bioinorganic chemistry by: a) developing novel Re and Ir complexes containing apigenin-like ligands, a natural bioactive flavone-type of molecules; b) determining the antitumor potential of newly synthesized Re(V) and Ir(III) complexes on a panel of various human cancer cell lines; c) evaluating the applicative potential of novel Re(V) complexes as homogeneous catalysts in OAT-inspired reactions (olefin epoxidation, oxoanions catalytic reduction and water oxidation). The structure and sentence of 7 work packages implemented through 37 secondments will enable the promotion of newly synthesized metal-based compounds in industrial environment for the sake of reaching their final applications. The widespread partnership creates an outstanding, R&I oriented ambient ensuring free knowledge sharing and career upgrade of the participating staff. By developing functional metal-based molecules, MET-EFFECT encompasses full human intellectual capacity capable to challenge technical, economic and environmental demands of wider society for applied but sustainable chemistry.



Innovative Centre Faculty of Chemistry Belgrade LTD
Net EU contribution
€ 170 200,00
Studentski trg 12-16
11000 Belgrade

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Србија - север Београдски регион Београдска област
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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