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BIOmass Valorisation via Superheated Steam Torrefaction, Pyrolisis, Gasification Amplified by Multidisciplinary Researchers TRAINining for Multiple Energy and Products’ Added VALUEs

Project description

Superheated Steam Torrefaction for high-level solid biofuels

Biomass torrefaction is used to produce high-level solid biofuels. The EU-funded BioTrainValue project will develop and test new technologies and equipment for biomass torrefaction with the application of superheated steam for high-value innovative bio-based products at the European scale. The project will provide new methodologies and experimental data for innovative small-scale reactors and agro-energy technology for treated solid biofuels with increased calorific value, reduced biodegradability, increased bulk and energy density, and cheaper transport and storage. BioTrainValue will also result in direct bio-products, such as biofuels, fertilisers with better characteristics and biocarbon as an additive to fertilizers for agriculture and activated carbon for the chemical and energy industries.


The Overwhelming Research Objective of the BioTrainValue project is development and experimental testing of new technologies and equipment for biomass torrefaction with application of superheated steam for production at the European scale of high-value innovative bio-based products. The project research results will be: (1) new methodologies and experimental data for creation of small-scale innovative reactors, (2) agro-energy technology for production of treated solid biofuels with the following properties: increased calorific value, hydrophobicity, reduced biodegradability, increased bulk density and energy density, cheaper transport and storage, (3) direct bio-products, as bio-fuels, fertilizers with better characteristics, and related products, as heat, cold and electrical energy, and (4) biocarbon as an additive to fertilizers for agriculture, as well as activated carbon for the chemical and energy industries.
Meeting the demands of MSCA SE, BioTrainValue has the overarching objective of formation of an international and inter-sectoral network of organisations working with a joint research programme. The objective will be implemented by 6 academic and 4 non-academic partners from 7 European states via XXX secondments with 266 Person/Months, conducted for implementation of the project research objective; 8 articles written in co-authorship and published in peer-reviewed and high-impact journals; 2 monograph manuscripts; 18 seminars, 8 interactive lectures, 12 workshops, numerous trainings, seminars during the secondments and after them – for sharing skills obtained in each beneficiary institution; 2 international conferences and 1 exhibition stand organized. The participants will exchange skills and knowledge which will allow them to progress towards key advances in torrefaction methodology and practice of creation of new bioproducts and strengthen collaborative research between different countries and sectors.


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