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Recycling process trains of waste bioplastics

Project description

Innovative approach in bioplastics waste management

New biotechnological waste-to-value chains will be developed for the most promising (based on market share value) bioplastics. This is the goal of the EU-funded Sus-Bio-plastics project, which is structured under three innovation pillars and relevant to two processes and one tool for integrating sustainability in bioplastics waste management (one non-biodegradable (bio-PE) and three biodegradable (PLA, PHB, and TPS)). It will employ innovative microbially mediated practices. Sus-Bio-plastics will exploit microalgal-bacterial or bacterial communities as a biotechnological tool to formulate a stable metapopulation capable of degrading bioplastics. The project will take advantage of the mutualistic interplay between microalgal and bacterial species for bioplastics upcycling and minimising CO2 releases, representing a highly innovative approach that remains unexplored.


Net EU contribution
€ 164 328,00
Archbishop Kyprianos 31 Savings Cooperative Bank Building 3rd Floor
3036 Lemesos

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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