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Enhanced Safe and Sustainable coatings for supporting the Planet

Project description

Sustainable coatings, optimised throughout their value chains, protect products and the planet

The global coatings market is growing steadily, while regulations regarding the use of hazardous or harmful chemicals are becoming stricter. The EU-funded PROPLANET project will meet the need for innovative, high-performance coating materials that simultaneously ensure environmental protection, enhanced safety and circular value chains through a sustainable business approach. The team will initially target the textiles, food-packaging and glass sectors. It will rely heavily on advanced models, computational tools, and assessments to optimise the value chain of each product, from raw material source to end of life. Furthermore, all coatings will exemplify safety-and-sustainability-by-design concepts and an eco-design philosophy. To expand project reach, a web-based tool will be deployed, enabling key players to replicate the behaviour of coatings in different conditions.


PROPLANET addresses novel coating materials solutions, tackling the problem from a sustainable-business perspective, enabling overcoming the barrier for environmental protection, safety, chemical improvements, and circular value chains. The main goal of PROPLANET is to design and optimise 3 innovative coatings for industrial sectors: textile, food-packaging, and glass. 1)Crosslinked biopolymer oil/wax microcapsules in polysaccharide matrix (hydrophobic, olephobic bio-based coating) 2) Hybrid siloxane biobased coating (non-stick and anticorrosion protection bio-based hybrid coating) 3) Hybrid siloxane coating (anti-soiling (AS) anti-reflecting (AR) hybrid coating). The value chain of each product is optimised from raw material source to End Of Life of products, ensuring the circular economy. All coatings are designed based on Safety and Sustainability by design (SSbD) concepts and optimised with mathematical computational tools such as first-principles-based models, in silico models, environmental fate models, and sustainability assessment. On top of that, replication activities aided by a powerful PROPLANET Replication tool based on data-driven algorithms and multiobjective optimization (MO) will promote the integration of the novel coatings on different applications, supporting their route to market, operating at different conditions, and following an Eco-design thinking. A well-balanced consortium, covering all actors in the , formed by end-users, technology solution providers and research organizations, ensures the successful achievement of objectives, which will allow a wide-spreading replication strategy towards efficient and safe designs for new coatings.


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