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Field Trials beyond 5G

Project description

Creating the infrastructure for the future of 5G and 6G

In telecommunications, the onset of 5G technology and its advantages have led to expanded and enhanced effort put into the development and evolution of evolved 5G and 6G technologies. However, despite this effort, the current infrastructure isn’t fit to handle the needs of these future technologies nor allow them to run at efficient capacities. The EU funded FIDAL project aims to take on this challenge by developing, testing and demonstrating innovative infrastructure fit for supporting evolved 5G and the arrival of 6G. What’s more, the project will be accessible and open to third parties allowing specialists and players to test their innovations and advancements utilising evolved 5G and 6G.


Long-term towards Evolved 5G and 6G research needs mobilization of massive volumes of ideas, from which the best can emerge and be taken into standardization. It is the convergence of the cyber and physical worlds that could be achieved with the very low latency and high data capacity of Beyond 5G and 6G networks and thus the creation of services such as digital twins and internet of senses/haptic applications. This future eco-system is on course to be more collaborative and inclusive than previous generations of network, and FIDAL aims to lead the way by promoting open architectures, large experimentation sites and taking a multi-stakeholder approach.
FIDAL steps in, targeting the augmentation of human capabilities, allowing Media & PPDR vertical industry players to perform advanced technological and business validation in large-scale field trials of highly innovative and advanced applications, that exploit Evolved 5G technologies.
This, in turn, will provide extensive and valuable feedback to the broader industry, academia, innovators and community before wide commercial deployments of Evolved 5G networks throughout Europe.
FIDAL key objective is to extend and deliver (i) advanced future proof Evolved 5G test infrastructures, anticipating evolution into next SNS phase, (ii) open & accessible to support 3rd party vertical experiments, (iii) test environments for rapid prototyping and large-scale validation of advanced, forward-looking applications.
The project will build on the success of 5G-PPP Phase 3 projects, producing a unified experimentation framework with Zero-Touch orchestration, reusable NetApps and secure AI as a Service capabilities.
FIDAL will deploy 3 testbeds and 3 large-scale test infrastructures in Greece, Norway and Spain aiming to validate Evolved 5G technologies in a user context to maximise downstream take up, thus cultivating the ground for 6G.



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