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Moving ForwARd to achieving CLIMATE-resilient and sustainable European regional economic systems

Project description

Efficient climate resilience measures’ implementation in agriculture

Efforts to address climate change impacts and damages have led to the implementation of numerous policies and technologies throughout the EU. However, the challenge of educating and collaborating with communities to integrate these solutions arises due to their diverse implementation locations. The EU-funded FARCLIMATE project aims to promote climate resilience while addressing potential political, social and economic obstacles. It empowers communities by involving them in the development of management systems, research and innovative climate change solutions for agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Additionally, FARCLIMATE will offer tailored training programmes to disseminate knowledge and will be showcased in 20 regions.


FARCLIMATE will address the difficult challenges of developing and expanding climate-resilient measures, making them available and understandable to everyone, while also paying special attention to the social, political and economic barriers that are commonly found. FARCLIMATE actions will be implemented in at least 20 regions and communities, i.e. case studies, in Europe, where we will address transformative solutions in the path to climate resilience. In order to achieve such a great challenge, FARCLIMATE has set the following work program: 1) Initial work on engaging with all relevant stakeholders in each region, setting management mechanism; 2) Establishment of Living Labs to perform co-creation, testing and scaling-up innovative activities in real-life environments; 3) A deep research of the main value chains, of the socioeconomic and environmental characteristics and of the existing economic sectors, through indicators to be monitored, of all investigated regions and communities; 4) Establishment of the transversal actions to be performed in all case studies: tailor-made training activities for communities empowerment, targeting different types of stakeholders and based among climate change and related hazards and risks; 5) The implementation of technical but also socially feasible innovative solutions in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries economic sectors, with specific solutions to increase their capacity to adapt to climate change impacts on their fields. Nature-based solutions will be the guiding thread in FARCLIMATE innovative actions; 6) The creation of different tools to spread the obtained learnings, found barriers, successful results, among others, during FARCLIMATE, such as policy recommendation, guidelines, management plans and the innovative Transformation Hub.


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