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Awakening Soil Curiosity to catalyse Soil Literacy


CURIOSOIL ambition is to trigger Soil Curiosity and create connections between people and soil. In line with the EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”, CURIOSOIL aims to contribute to transforming the way soil is valued, perceived, taught and communicated. The project will build upon actual knowledge and will work to change the vision of soil from mere substrate to an ecosystem that should be researched and protected. This will be achieved through the development of multisensorial Soil Experiences to raise soil literacy, building of a Soil Optimism narrative and through the co-creation of a set of educational products, curriculum standards, and teacher’s training programmes. The co-design and multi-actor approach will promote student and citizen engagement in the Mission Soil as well as in other European, national, and international soil health initiatives and will incentivise behavioural change towards an increased perception of soil value and its sustainable use. CURIOSOIL will promote multilingualism and work in soil educational settings across 15 European countries.
In order to address the expected outcomes and deliver impact beyond the project’s lifetime, CURIOSOIL will work across four impact pathways: IP1. Triggering soil curiosity; IP2. Prototyping multiple educational journeys to increase soil literacy; IP3. Empowering communities and initiatives dedicated to soil education; IP4. Influence policymaking through a soil optimism narrative.


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€ 1 148 691,25

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