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Advanced Customized Technologies for Intact Vision in Ageing

Project description

New optical technologies for better vision in ageing

Vision-limiting ocular diseases are frequently associated with the process of ageing. Maintaining good vision over one’s lifetime is of paramount importance, particularly for Europe’s ageing population. The early diagnosis of ocular diseases is crucial for delivering timely treatment and reducing the risk of vision loss. The EU-funded ACTIVA project serves as an interdisciplinary platform designed to train nine young scientists in emerging diagnostic and treatment technologies for age-related ocular disorders. These researchers will address unresolved questions and develop innovative techniques aimed at enhancing or preserving visual function in the elderly population. The project will focus on the development of optical technologies to enhance vision throughout the lifespan, improving near and distance vision, and facilitating early disease detection.


The proposed DN “Advanced Customized Technologies for Intact Vision in Ageing” (ACTIVA) provides an international, interdisciplinary platform to train young scientists at the interface of physics and medicine to study unresolved questions and develop novel techniques to facilitate intact, or even improved, visual function in the elderly population. Good vision throughout life is a key factor both on a personal level and socioeconomically and has particular pertinence to the ageing population of Europe.
ACTIVA is a joint initiative to develop new optical technologies that will facilitate good vision throughout life. Within the project, 9 young researchers will be trained in new optical technologies to diagnose and compensate for different aspects of the normal ageing of the eye as well as the most common age-related ocular conditions. The novel vision enabling techniques, to be developed in this DN, will focus on facilitating the functionality of both near and far vision. Furthermore, early diagnosis of ocular diseases is essential to offer timely treatment and reduce the risk of vision loss. The novel diagnosis technologies, to be developed in this DN, will focus on early detection of pathological changes in visual function.
The consortium combines the expertise of three academic partners with excellent research and teaching records and two fully integrated private sector partners. Furthermore, the consortium will be counselled by a scientifically accomplished External Advisory Board. Close collaborations and multi-site training activities will ensure to provide the young researchers with a vast network and interdisciplinary research experience. ACTIVA will be recognized worldwide as a major contribution to the ageing challenge and the social investment of the European Commission in active ageing.



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