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TRaining In cutting-eDge battERy technologieS: high-performance materials and researchers for future electrochemical storage

Project description

Driving EU energy independence and fostering economic growth

Under the European Green Deal, the demand for advanced secondary batteries is a pressing challenge. Critical for the impending energy transition, these batteries are instrumental for advancing the electric vehicle market, a linchpin for EU industrial and economic expansions. The search for high energy density, low-cost and safe batteries intensifies as Europe aims for carbon neutrality by 2050. With the support of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, the RIDERS project aims to revolutionise battery technology and accelerate the region’s path to a sustainable future by establishing an outstanding research and training programme in advanced materials and electrochemical storage. With a comprehensive approach spanning the entire battery production chain, RIDERS collaborates with 10 academic institutions and 8 industry partners across 7 European countries.


Secondary batteries are critical technologies to ensure the forthcoming energy transition, a main aspect of the European Green Deal, in order to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050. There is thus a strong need to rapidly develop the future high energy density, low cost, and safe batteries to support the massive and rapidly developing EV market and to secure the EU industrial and economic growths. RIDERS aims to establish a high-quality research and training program with ground-breaking objectives spanning over the full value chain of battery production: from the design, processing and multiscale characterization of original advanced materials (i.e. electrodes, separators, polymer electrolytes, binders) to their implementation into EU Gen. 4a and Gen. 5 batteries, as well as their properties and performance assessment (i.e. advanced electrochemistry and interfacial science, operando analyses and theoretical modelling).
RIDERS research and training program rely on the multidisciplinary expertise of 10 internationally renowned academic beneficiaries and 8 industrial partners (including 3 SMEs) originating from 7 European countries. RIDERS will provide to 10 early-stage researchers / doctoral candidates (DCs) a unique combination of advanced and transferable skills within an innovative, multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral scientific environment. The research program will address the development of cutting-edge battery technologies to contribute to the EU strategic energy independence. RIDERS will offer DCs a unique combination of local and network-wide trainings in the fields of advanced materials and electrochemical storage: future strongholds of the EU industries and key provider of new jobs in the forthcoming decades. This, together with their training in transferrable skills, will improve their career prospects as high-quality researchers, and will prepare them as highly attractive candidates for industry, academia or future entrepreneurs.


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